Raafia Jessa
Wanderer. Nomad. Graphic Designer.
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Copy of School of Art Look Book

School of art look book

A child talks before they sing, they draw before they write, they dance before they walk;
Art is fundamental to human expression.

The University of Houston School of Art brings together artists of various disciples, creating work that is beautiful, dynamic and functional. Given the opportunity to create a new look book for the University of Houston School of Art, 20 designers set about to create look books that would represent the various School of Art programs.

My entry was created used principles of design and the natural world.

  1. The Gestalt Principles: The idea that the human mind simplifies visual confusion by parts by consolidating multiple objects it into a single object. Applying this theory to create a design that feels more connected, coherent and complete.

  2. Sacred Geometry: The theory that suggests the idea that intricate, geometric patterns occur in nature that we cannot see but that are essential in understanding the motions of the universe.

The Look Book shows informative content while attempting to bring together the above two principles. We were given full freedom to design, while making sure The School of Art brand identity was used.

My entry was 1 of 4 under review for publication.