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Potential Realities

You know how they say, “One day I sat down to write, and a rush of words spilled out of me.” I always thought it was such bullshit. Yeah right! One day you sat down and a random burst of inspiration and thoughts exploded in your head? 

Well, it turns out it’s true. Ever since I set the intention to write this blog, the question has not been what to write, but what the hell do I write about first?

Admit it, we talk to ourselves, make up entire realities within our minds. After that first post went live, a burst of ideas and chatter started in my head. It seemed like all the experiences, conversations and ideas of the past three years were all lined up and wanting to be talked about. 

As much as I don’t want this blog to be just about myself, I think it is important that I tell a bit of my story to put into context where these thoughts are coming from. Why would you read something unless you first understand the source a little?

So, here is a short timeline of the past three years, the way things unfolded in order for me to live the way I do now.

Small changes, little progressions that had very big impacts.
A year later, this is what I do, how do I sustain myself.

Beyond the original marketing firm that had enough faith in me to let me start this amazing adventure, I also partner with other clients and firms providing “creative” services. Most work is done remotely, sometimes on location, depending on wherever I find myself. Since July 2018, I’ve designed an app, a login portal, a couple of websites, logos and marketing materials, while moving very slowly but constantly.

Maybe it’s not the most stable lifestyle - I’m always looking for a place to stay, my income is not consistent (since I work on a freelance basis with a variety of different clients, no two months are the same in terms of earning), I can’t own many things (where would I put them?). But in a way, it’s a blessing. Stability in exchange for experiences and growth? I’m okay with that :)

The workplace is not what it was in the past; everyone is connected to everything, all the time. With so many advancements in technology, with the ability to be connected to an entire globe of people - constantly, without much effort - it only makes sense that our way of working should also change, no?

Human society is a collective imagined understanding, if enough people believe in something, it becomes “reality”. But, why subscribe to a particular reality when there are so many possibilities? I achieved the reality that was the “goal” but I did not make me happy - as I was told it would.

Since there are infinite possible realities, I am making one of my own. It’s scary, I don’t know what the rules are, I’m making them up as I go. If something doesn’t make me happy, I stop doing it. If things don’t work out, well okay, hopefully there will be lessons that will help me be a better person.

The past few years really made me question a lot of things, essential things that maybe we don’t spend as much time thinking about as we should?
It’s really messy, but here is a mind map of some thoughts and questions I will be talking about in future posts.

Have good intentions, learn many things, keep growing :)

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