Raafia Jessa
Wanderer. Nomad. Graphic Designer.


This is a not a bad way to live, eh?

Hello Internet!

My name is Raafia Jessa. I am a Pakistani born Muslim, Shia, Feminist, Liberal, Graphic Designer (whatever any of that even means). I grew up in Toronto, got my degree in Houston and now I don’t really live anywhere.

The past couple of years have been strange in the best way: I graduated in 2016 and since then I haven’t lived in a place more than a year (give or take). All my possessions fit into two carry-on sized bags (besides a lot of boxes of art and books gathering dust in my parents basement) and even if I “settle down”, I hope that my amount of possessions does not increase (expect maybe books, I would like an infinite amount of books to read).

It seems that everyone has an opinion on the way that I live, but mostly, the general consensus is that either this was of living is either inspirational or completely insane. I don’t think either of those descriptions are correct.

A bit of back story; I didn’t quite finish High School in the “normal” way, started my university career as a Computer Science major, switched to Theoretical Mathematics, studied a bit of Architecture and finally ended up as a Graphic Designer. Once I graduated, I followed the trajectory that most people follow, I got an “adult” job, an “adult” apartment, had a decent

I think the point that I’m trying to make is that: who cares? Life is complete chaos, the only thing that seems to matter is your intention. So, I intend to write this blog for a little while. Maybe someone will read it and understand what I am trying to say and maybe no one will read it or maybe a lot of people will read it and think I am completely insane. All those options (and any others that exist) are all satisfactory to me.

Cheers :)

Raafia Jessa