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Copy of Massimo Branca

Award-winning Italian photographer. Semi-nomad researcher and teacher.

Massimo Branca

Award-winning Italian photographer. Semi-nomad researcher and teacher.

Italian Anthropologist, Massimo Branca, works as documentary photographer and also teaches photography. He is one of the founders of Collettivo Fotosocial, as well as the winner of multiple awards including Magnum Photos/IdeasTap: 30 Under 30 and Getty Reportage Emerging Talent. His work been presented in different European Universities and published in several magazines worldwide (including Stern Magazine and National Geographic).

His brand was made following the idea “perfect but not quite”, which is apt of the photographer himself. Inspiration was taken from the subject matter he shoots, his immersion in the reality that he tries to represent based on the environments in which he finds himself, and the effect that these environments have on him and - and he hopes - the audience. The visual form derives from news articles and the dark coloring of his photos. The type used is a custom font with slight errors purposefully built in.

“‘Troppo Cielo’ (too much sky) is an educational initiative with a funny name and big ambitions. Photography trainings include weekly classes and intensive 2-4 day workshops on location.”
After creating the identity for the photographer, I also created a logo that functions as a sub-brand for his photography workshops.

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Once the identity had been established, working alongside Massimo, we also launched a new site in January 2019.
The website is made to reflect the photographers sense of space while making sure that the emphasis is on his photography.