Raafia Jessa
Wanderer. Nomad. Graphic Designer.
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Copy of 2nd.MD


Expert Video Consultations with the World’s Best Doctors

2nd.MD is a second opinion service that connects members to Medical Specialists from around the world. Without leaving their homes, members have access to video/phone access to top doctors from Harvard, Boston Children’s, MD Anderson and many others. Other services include “Text a Specialist” as well as the ability to find a Local In-Network Doctor.

I worked with the 2nd.MD tech team on revamping the 2nd.MD app. The app is for the use of members and doctors to schedule consults, manage their account as well as video/phone conference about diagnoses and other medical ailments. The services that a member has access to differs based on the company they are employed by, the kind of medical insurance they have and other varying factors that had to be built into the flow of the app. Each user flow had to be dissected, planned and created.
We also had to create an entirely separate flow for doctors so they can make/see past notes, check medical records, create their profile, as well as track their earnings.



Once the App was complete, we updated the viewer-facing dashboard.
The Dashboard was to follow the flow of the App and the various user cases (for both members and doctors).
We had to make sure that the Dashboard was designed to include/exclude services based on the user.



Following the revamping of the App, I updated 2nd.MD’s branding.
Without changing the original logo, a mini update was done to the look and feel of the company’s identity.
This update included new fonts, colors, imagery used as well as the logo design for one of their newer services (Reach).


Activation Pages

The next project was Activation pages. Working with a strategist, we carefully dissected and mapped out activation flows making sure users could activate without issue, easily determine what information was needed from them and users were put into the correct “bucket” without issue and duplication.

Scheduling Calendar

After very positive feedback from the activation pages, we then began mapping out and redesigning the 2nd.MD scheduling system. Managed by the 2nd.MD nurses, the calendar is an organizational tool that lets the nurses help schedule appointments to seamlessly connect members with specialists.


2nd.MD is offered to employees by a multitude of companies. Various collateral was created to be modified, updated and used for all clients. We created templates for print materials and emails that could be edited specifically for each of 2nd.MD’s clients.